work with us

Who are you?

  • Are you a student looking to do an internship, degree project or PhD studentship, or a doctor of philosophy or medicine looking to do a post-doctoral project? Whether you come from a computational background looking to apply your skills to biological and medical problems, or from a molecular biology, microbiology or medical background looking to learn high-throughput computational biology techniques, approach us to discuss ideas.
  • Are you a clinician or experimentalist with an idea, cohort, set of samples or pile of data looking for help to bring it all the way to a translatable and published finding? Approach us for a collaboration, where we will together identify the most synergistic use of our respective skills and resources for furthering knowledge and empowering medicine.
  • Are you a scientific leader looking to bring together a consortium of partner labs for addressing a topic thematically aligned with our focus areas, or where our contribution would be a good fit? Approach us for participation at any stage of the process, from planning to grant writing to execution.
  • Are you an investor or industry actor with a potentially marketable product, but concerns remaining in the way of its maturation? Approach us for discussing these ideas (in formal confidence as needed) and perhaps plan a strategy together for working through those remaining hurdles.


  • We’re looking for a PhD student in computational systems biology. Details here.

Fairness, diversity, transparency and accountability in the pursuit of knowledge

The Forslund lab as an ECRC actor adheres to the MDC principles of responsible research, good scientific practice, openness and transparency. We are dedicated to setting a good example as a scientific environment where talented students, researchers and collaborators can flourish, grow and succeed independently of their national or ethnic background, functional variation, sex/gender identity/alignment/orientation, family configuration, or other such feature of their persons or contexts. This involves enthusiastic adherence to MDC goals of promoting work-life balance, and an intention to pursue direct and explicit communication of needs, expectations and intentions. Beyond the baseline provided by our host institution, the lab has its own Code of Conduct addressing many of these topics, to which all members are required to commit during their time with us.